Our group has a range of books about breastfeeding and related topics. They are free to borrow, we just ask for a £5 returnable deposit from non-members, payable by PayPal, or cash if PayPal is not an option. You can pay the deposit by clicking here: or pay to

To borrow a book, come along to one of our meetings (when they are running) or get in touch with us by email to collect from Soham, Cambridgeshire. (

Some of these books are also available to buy from LLLGB Bookshop, proceeds of which all go into supporting the charitible work of LLLGB.

When you borrow or return a book, please fill out this form to update our records so we can keep track of where all the books are.

We have included a summary/review from our members for some of the books below, we will continue to update these as we receive more reviews. To send us a sentence or two about a book for inclusion below, email

Click on a picture below to see all the books in the category