Parenting Books

Our members say: "full of wonderful and practical ideas which are really easy to put into practice; no matter how ingrained our thoughts and habits!"

LLLGB shop says: "Organized according to everyday challenges and conflicts, and including real-life examples and the series' trademark cartoons, this book is a survival manual of communication tools, including a chapter that addresses the special needs of children with sensory processing or autism spectrum disorders."

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Adventures in Gentle Discipline

Our members say: "Ideas for dealing with and coping with a huge range of parenting situations, including sections on specific behaviours such as hitting. Explains the importance of boundaries with respect and love."

Why Love Matters

Our members say: "An in-depth look at how love and responsive care (or the lack of it) has a real impact on brain development in babies and young children."

Mothering Your Nursing Toddler

Our members say: "This book is informative for anyone nursing beyond a year. It’s full of handy tips for each year of your child’s breastfeeding journey, discusses dealing with criticism and includes a number of useful, gentle weaning strategies."

Raising Your Spirited Child

In Raising Your Spirited Child, Third Edition, parenting expert Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D, offers ALL parents a glimpse into what makes their children behave the way they do. Through vivid examples and a refreshingly positive viewpoint, this invaluable guide offers parents emotional support and proven strategies for handling the toughest times.

Raising Boys: Why boy are different

Steve Biddulph's complete guide for parents, educators, and relatives includes chapters on testosterone, sports, and how boys' and girls' brains differ. With gentle humor and proven wisdom, Raising Boys focuses on boys' unique developmental needs to help them be happy and healthy at every stage of life.