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Laid back breastfeeding position

How does laid back breastfeeding position work? (Also called Biological Nurturing Position)

Caitriona and Abi, LLL Leaders (breastfeeding counselors) from LLL East Cambridgeshire talk you through laid back breastfeeding position, how to get really comfy, relax all your muscles and help baby feel secure and close so that they open wide.

Cross cradle breastfeeding position

Made by LLL East Cambridgeshire: How does cross cradle breastfeeding position work? It's a common position to use, but often needs a bit of adjusting to make it comfortable. We show you how to make cross cradle (and cradle) breastfeeding position work for you and your baby. If you feel any pain, it's a sign that something needs to change, try our tips to see if they improve things for you.

Adjusting your baby's latch without taking them off

Painful latch? But don't want to de-latch and start again?

Try these two techniques to improve your baby's latch whilst they're still on the breast.

Comfortable breastfeeding

A great video by Nancy Mohrbacher (IBCLC and LLL Leader) about getting really comfortable and helping baby to get a deep latch in a natural breastfeeding position.

Flipple (exaggerated latch) technique

This is not one of our videos, but we love it!

It's a super clear demonstration of using the flipple technique in cross cradle position, to get a deeper , more comfortable latch. If you're experiencing any pain or discomfort, it's a good one to try. The flipple technique can be used in whatever breastfeeding position you prefer.

Side Lying Breastfeeding Position (relaxed video)

A video from the LLLGB YouTube channel, showing side lying breastfeeding position.

Side Lying Breastfeeding Position (if you need more specific tips)

A very prescriptive ‘how to’ video for side lying breastfeeding position (not an LLL resource, but created by an IBCLC, we don’t endorse any particular IBCLC). This video might help if you’ve been struggling to make side lying work as it is full of ideas - you don’t need to do it this exact way, but you might get some tips.

Koala Hold

Caitriona from LLL East Cambs shows you how to do Koala Hold breastfeeding position. Useful when baby struggles to open wide and stay latched on. Particularly helpful to try for babies who may have a tongue-tie. An upright position, so also useful if you have a fast flow that baby need help to manage.

Concorde Hold

More of a breast shaping technique, especially useful if you're struggling to get a good latch in any of the other positions. It can be useful when a baby has a tongue-tie. It's like the opposite of the flipple because you're aiming the nipple down instead of up, counter intuitive but works well for some! Some describe it as 'making a shelf for the breast with your hand'.

See the creator's website for more details and FAQs.

Some more useful videos

A youtube playlist of nine excellent videos, all about natural breastfeeding positions (laid-back breastfeeding) by Nancy Mohrbacher (IBCLC and LLL Leader): - highly recommended.

Information about hand expression and breast massage, which can be particularly helpful if you are engorged or have sore breasts:

Another hand expression video:

This is a nice video about breastfeeding in the first hour. There are some great graphics of attachment and hand expression:

A great video from Global Health Media about having enough milk. Some great graphics of wees and poos and effective breastfeeding, including how to see if your baby is swallowing.

This video demonstrates ‘hands-on pumping’, which is the most effective way known to maximise milk output when expressing: