Support us

As a charity, we rely on grants, donations and memberships in order to keep going. We are proud to offer support for free to those who need it and are also grateful when families, who are able to, choose to support us either through making a donation or joining as a member.


LLL East Cambridgeshire has been very lucky to be successful in applying for Lottery grants (Awards for All) to cover the running costs of the group for 2019 and 2020.


If you'd like to donate you can do so via PayPal, anything you give will be appreciated: (or pay to You can also donate direct to LLLGB here:


You can join LLLGB as a member here for £30/year (waged family) or £18/year (unwaged family). It is a donation to our charity to enable us to keep providing free and friendly support for anyone who needs it.

At LLL East Cambridgeshire, we love it when mums become members as it builds our community and gives everyone a sense of ownership and belonging. We invite all those who attend our meetings and join LLLGB as members to join our LLL East Cambridgeshire members' Facebook group: Feeling the LLLove in East Cambridgeshire.

Breastfeeding Matters Members' Magazine

Why Join LLLGB?

LLLGB supports thousands of mothers and babies every year. Our support is free to all mothers and their families, and to all those interested in breastfeeding. Joining LLLGB through membership is a great way to 'pay forward' the support you receive, and helps to make sure LLLGB continues to exist for mothers of the future.

Your money goes straight towards funding our services for mothers like you, including:

  • our telephone helpline

  • our fantastic website full of reliable information about breastfeeding issues

  • meetings across Britain

  • resources that local groups use

  • our volunteer Leaders’ on-going training

  • Members receive reduced rates for all LLLGB workshops, conferences and other events.

  • Membership also supports our work promoting “a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother” (LLLI mission)

  • All of our members receive six issues a year of our members’ newsletter Breastfeeding Matters.