Useful Links

Google can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding reliable information, so we've listed below some trusted websites that provide up-to-date, research-backed information about breastfeeding and related topics.

La Leche League GB - our website, full of breastfeeding information (although sometimes easiest to find by googling "LLLGB" and whatever your breastfeeding issue is, e.g. "LLLGB positioning and attachment".

LLLGB Shop - an excellent source of trusted books and information sheets, all proceeds go to LLLGB charity.

​La Leche League International - our mother organisation, lots of excellent information on breastfeeding. (authored by an IBCLC who is a UK based LLL Leader)- excellent information about most breastfeeding topics.

Kellymom (authored by an IBCLC who is an American LLL Leader) - excellent information about most breastfeeding and parenting topics.

Global Health Media - excellent videos about breastfeeding.

Nancy Mohrbacher Natural Breastfeeding Positions - excellent YouTube playlist of videos demonstrating and explaining how to get a really comfortable breastfeeding position and attachment.

You can find many more useful links on our "Learn about breastfeeding" page.