Support during Covid-19

Our free and friendly mother-to-mother breastfeeding support meetings are all taking place online on Zoom until further notice (see Zoom info at the bottom of this page if you are new to Zoom). If you don’t have the internet, it is possible to dial into the meeting from a phone with audio only. We have been pleasantly surprised that we are still able to create a warm, supportive atmosphere where mothers are holding space for each other and sharing their experiences as candidly and helpfully as ever.

Please see our "Meetings" page for more details and to register.

These meetings are for group support discussions, but you can chat with East Cambs LLL Leaders, Caitriona or Abi, one-to-one, by getting in touch with us directly anytime. We are happy to support you over the phone, WhatsApp messaging, email, video call, etc. See "Contact Us" page to find out how to get in touch. We find that phonecalls are a great way of talking things through and video calls are really useful for helping with positioning and attachment.

You can also get help from any LLL Leader by going to the LLLGB website:

Meetings on Zoom

If you use a phone/tablet you’ll be able to see four/nine people at a time, if you use a laptop you can see everyone in the meeting (when you select gallery view) at the same time. It’s so nice to still see all the nodding, smiling faces. You can also join us on your headphones whilst you're out for a walk!

How does it work? You fill out the google form, then the night before the meeting we send you the login info. On the day, you click the Zoom link and you’re in.

Nervous about this format? Hopefully we can answer any questions you have – just ask!